Thursday, 28 May 2015

A trip to enjoy spectacular view of Himalayas

No person in this world may dislike nature. The immense treasure hidden in this world is partially available to entertain humans. The notable among them are the most beautiful and spectacular landscapes present in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. My deep love towards enjoying Mother Nature urged me to join as travel agent in a tours & travels company. My life in this field is completely amazing and I love to travel with different people to different places. Among various travel destinations in our list, my hot favorite pick is Himachal tour packages.

Among the wide list of north India tour packages, I always love to pick Himachal tour package as my best one. The presence of amazing snow peaks, lavish green valleys, enchanting lake view, outstanding meadows, beautifully constructed monasteries and temples, flowing rivers, very deep gorges and the list goes on. For adventure lovers, there are plenty of actions available in their pocket including Golf, Ice Skating, Skiing; Para – Gliding, Fishing, Mountaineering, and Trekking etc…The Indian state of Himachal Pradesh carries the best creation of nature to entertain people from all walks of life. I have been to this place on several occasions with various categories of people. I have been to Himachal Pradesh with my friends, family and also with my elder people. Everyone liked this place for their reason. 

There may be N number of North India tour packages. But, Himachal Pradesh remains a memorable one for everyone as this place deliver calm and tranquil sense to its visitors. The major places which remains in the must watch list includes Kullu, Manali, Shimla, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Khajjiar, Chamba, McLeodganj, Amritsar, Manikaran, Chail, Kufri, Parwanoo, Kausauli and many more. All these places possess something special and stand unique among others. I always cherish my memories underlying these hidden beauties of Nature.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Get out of normal life and enjoy some adventurous moments

It was a cold Friday afternoon in Delhi and we started packing our bags for a short tour. This time we targeted Himachal, the popular land of snow. We have been to this place many times but still it remains a place of great thrill and memorable one. One of our friends wanted to go skiing in Himachal; hence we decided to visit Kufri this time. Mahasu and Kufri close to Shimla are our favorite destinations because of its deep slopes which provide ideal sporting experience. 

Skiing in Himachal will always be a pleasurable event for any person as the place got numerous skiing destinations to suit wide category of skiers. We regularly visit Narkanda, which lies approximately 64 km from Himachal capital. To my knowledge, Narkanda is one among the oldest resort for skiing and is situated at the height of about 8,100 feet. I deeply appreciate the effort taken by HPTDC for their complete lodging amenities by providing skiing equipments and skiing courses. As out batch contains perfect mixture of both advanced skiers and amateur skiers, I personally feel that Narkanda slope will be the best destination for both types. My hot favorite spot is Hattu Peak, which lies at the distance of 6 km from this Narkanda with an altitude of about 2000 feet. Followed by skiing we also tried our hands on trekking. Our trekking camps in India were set up in Naggar, one among the beautiful village close to Manali.

There were many ancient temples, castle and an art gallery to entertain us. Our trekking camps India is filled with various adventure activities like Motor biking, River crossing, Rock climbing, Mountaineering, Jeep safaris, Trekking and many more. We returned to Delhi after spending a week in Himachal Pradesh, with completely fresh mind and physique.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Weekend gateway to Himachal Pradesh: Perfect way to spend your time with loved one!

Himachal tours packages are awesome and exquisite blend of beauty with rejuvenation. Lush green forests, the eternal snow, enchanting lakes and bubbling streams of emerald meadows, nestle in the Himalaya’s laps. No matter from where you are, these trips are meant for every one out there who has been working day and night and are in dire need of getting close to the mother nature. Just leave behind the plains and the landscapes and the hustling rush of the city.

Here in Himachal, there are different destinations which will attract you towards them like Kullu – which is a charming place that provides such a stunning and breathtaking view. Other places are like Shimla, Chail etc. Apart from the regular trips, the treks in Himachal are also very popular. Through treks you get an opportunity to imbibe in the flavor and aroma of the green tea gardens, music and chanting that echoes from the hill top temples, lovely padded fields of Palampur, beautiful and historic ancient structures, etc.

Himachal Pradesh offers the most variegated and amazing trekking options that are open for people who love adventure, alpine pastures, dense forest, high mountains and cold deserts. It can be somewhat difficult to climb the mountains for people who are not frequent in trekking but those who love trekking and have been out on such trips many times would enjoy these treks in Himachal.

Apart from trekking and sight view, the Himachal tour packages also provide visit to different sanctuaries which come on your way of trekking. You would get to see some highly endangered species of animals like muskdeer, western tragopan, snow leopard etc. The state also claims having some other hill stations like upper Shimla, Spiti, Lahaul, Kinnaur, chamba, Kangra etc which offer a weekend retreat for the couples that look for destinations around the Himachal Pradesh state for rejuvenation and fun.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Planning Needs To Be Meticulous With South India or Himalaya Trekking Tours

Hundreds of sites are found in India, which are worth a visit during the vacations. Many travellers are passionate about going to the destinations, where they find adventure, sightseeing and plenty of activities to carry out for fun and relaxations. To be able to avail the maximum benefits from these tours, people need to plan their trips in a proper manner, so that they are able to enjoy the destinations to the fullest.

When planning for Himachal tourism, they should check out different mountains and hill stations and include the Himalaya trekking tours. This will allow the tourists to indulge in certain adventure activities, go for camping and trekking and do different mountaineering activities. From these sites, staying in the camps and going for sightseeing is another beautiful experience that can be of value for the tourists as part of their beautiful experience.

While the north Indian Himalaya trekking tours are full of adventure and trekking activities, the South India tour packages provides glimpses of the culture of the land. Almost all the states in South India are replete with beautiful locations, with different significances. There are temples and monuments built since centuries, which still stand tall to tell tales of valour and artistry of the rules of those times.

During the South India tour packages, people will also get the opportunity to enjoy the essence of Ayurveda massages and therapies, which are supposedly the most innovative ways to relax in the cottages along the beaches. There are backwaters and houseboats in Kerala, which are the most pleasurable parts of these trips. As in Himalaya tours, these packages also have some unique features, which are supposed to justify the trip itineraries. When planned properly, the itineraries can take travellers across a wide variety of destinations, which they will cherish for times to come.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Relishing Adventures across Mountain Terrains in Summer Camping in Himachal

summer camping in Himachal
Himachal Pradesh is a state of India with beautiful sceneries and perfect holidaying places. Tourists are trying to visit some offbeat places, besides the usual trips to Shimla, Manali and Kullu and travelling further north into the mountains of Ladakh. Thousands of tourists nowadays prefer to add some adventures to their trips by going for the summer camping in Himachal, from where they can go for trekking, biking as well as many other adventure sports.
  • Picturesque scenic experiences during camping and trekking across Himachal

Hilly terrains offer picturesque sceneries of the Himachal and Kashmir valleys, which are resplendent with flowers and birds of different colours and species. While going for a trek from the summer camps set in the mountains of Himalayan ranges in Himachal, they can experience some of these flora and fauna of the land. Some of the trips are so planned as to give these enthusiastic travellers, campsites for staying over in the night and continuing with their journeys in the day. Such experiences are extremely overwhelming for the tourists and makes for once in a lifetime trips, which can be further made memorable with Ladakh motorbike tours.
Indian bike tours
  • Motorbike tours across undulating paths of Leh and Ladakh with mountain passes
Since the past few years, Ladakh has emerged as a favoured destination for the tourists, who have already spent many days in the past in the beaches and hill stations. In their quest to do something different and experience the unchartered territories of the highest mountain passes in the country in Leh, the Indian bike tours are perfect. The paths for these tours take these bikers along rough terrains of Baralachala Pass, Khardungla, Tanglangla Pass and many more towns on these mountains, to make these trips extremely memorable and unique.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Summer camping in Himachal – a chance to soak in the natural beauty

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful states in the country as it is blessed with abundant natural beauty. Tour operators make the most use of this by offering various packages for summer camping in Himachal. These camps are the perfect ways to explore the picturesque sceneries of the state. Many students, foreign and domestic tourists opt for these tours as it gives them a rare chance of visiting all the beautiful places of the states in one go.

Summer camping in Himachal usually comprises of trekking on some scintillating trekking trails, taking part in jeep safaris through the dense forests and absorbing the exquisite collection of flora and fauna and participating in other adventurous activities like mountain biking, river rafting, paragliding, parasailing etc. These packages are designed for all age groups of people are one of the most chosen tour packages in India.

If you want to undertake in a full-fledged adventure tour, then the best way to explore the country is through Himalaya motorbike tours operated by various authorised tour operators. The Himalayan mountain range has some of the highest and most complex terrains and it is indeed great thrill to cover these trails in power-packed Royal Enfield bikes.

These Himalaya motorbike tours are very beneficial and affordable for the traveller because the package cost covers a variety of services like fuel, bike maintenance fee, all permits and entry fee to get into the most remote trekking trails, professional guide charges at certain critical locations and all other charges incurred on the road. These tours are scary, funny and exciting at the same time and provide unlimited entertainment for people who have an eye for adventure.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Ladakh Zanskar Trekking and Motobiking Adventure Tours for Unique Vacations

North Indian mountain ranges belonging to the Himalayas have fascinated tourists since long. These ranges have been the beauty of India, enticing tourists for experiencing the summers in cooler climes of the mountains. During every summer in the plains, there are thousands of tourists coming to the hill stations like Kullu, Manali and Shimla in the North. Nowadays, there are an increasing number of tourists going for Ladakh Zanskar trekking, in the undulating ranges of Ladakh.

·         Uniqueness in trekking trips across some of the Himalayan scenic locations
Himalayan motorbike toursThere is something unique in these trips of trekking and motorbiking in the Himalayan ranges. From the Zanskar valley to the Leh in Ladakh, one can take treks of differing difficulty levels, so that there is an adventure not comparable to any other kind of trip. In the Ladakh Zanskar trekking, people travel across rough terrain and test their limits, with special camping facilities available. These trekking journeys can go on for a number of days, as people pass through scenic landscape, including the highest pass in the world.

·         Customised trips for motorbike journeys across the Himalayan ranges
Similar sceneries of beauty are visible in the Himalayan motorbike tours, where people can have their motorbikes and travel in groups through Manali to Leh, being the commonest path for the biking road trips. A number of tour providers are putting out customised trips of Himalayan motorbike tours, so that the tourists get to enjoy scenic beauties, as well as bring out the best in their adventurous nature and thrill.